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Hello, Gamers and TechnoGeeks!

Tech For Gamers was founded in 2015 with a vision to provide Gamers and Technology Enthusiasts with all sort gaming and tech content. We here at Tech For Gamers strive to bring you latest news about gaming and the latest trend on the Internet about tech. Our only purpose is to entertain our fellow visitors with the hottest stories on the Internet related to the Niche of our site.

Currently, we have a very small team of two members which will hopefully expand in the Future.



Founder of Tech For Gamers and a student of IT. Inspired by Gaming, One of the great minds behind Tech For Gamers. A Die Hard Metal Gear Solid Fan and every other thing that has a great Story.


Co-Founder, CEO and Senior Editor

Co-Founder and Senior Editor at TechforGamers.com An Enthusiastic Individual who has a great love for Information and Technology. Loves to play with Codes and a Hardcore Gamer.

Azeem Qazi

Editor - Hardware and Games

Avid Gamer who is driven by strong story games and got a great love for DotA. Also, a Hardware Enthusiast who has been building Gaming PC's for long. To fulfil his inner Geek joined Tech For Gamers.

Maariyah Inayat Khan

Editor - Games and Technology

A massive fan of video games and any tech related to it plus passionate about writing too. A contented individual living in a world were all three of these things can go hand in hand. Spent many years of my life experimenting with game and digital art.

Ahmed Abdullah

Editor - Hardware and Games

Gamer since childhood, I am very picky about my games and often critical, I love tech and everything tech related.